Maybe it was the vivid yellow of an egg yolk. Or the way the fresh mushrooms in the ravioli melted in your mouth. Or, perhaps it was the unique taste of Grootbos honey in your homemade ice cream. Whatever stands out to you: you’ll leave us with more than delighted tastebuds – you’ll leave us with rich culinary memories.

Organic Food

Bursting with flavour and freshness.
We believe that nothing tastes better than organic, freshly picked vegetables and herbs. Which is why we have our own farm from which we harvest and get these ingredients to our kitchen and onto your plate as fresh as possible. At the same time, we are supporting our local community by training and employing them through our Growing the Futures Project.

We can cater for a variety of dietary requirements. Enjoy buffet breakfasts, 3-course lunches and 5-course dinners. Our chefs incorporate current food trends with seasonal produce. Everything is freshly made, from the mayonnaise to the pasta to the bread rolls.

st. teresa Pastoral  dinning
st. teresa Pastoral  centre


Dinning experience

Every plate of food served up at our tables is a perfect, colourful piece of art. We use only the very freshest ingredients, sourced as close to Lodwar as possible, with many coming from our own organic farm on the reserve. This means that as you’re swooning over that home made mboga kienyeji, fish, Ugali you’re also contributing to our food production and social upliftment projects. And the best part? All meals are included in your rate.

stteresa lodwar



We believe that food is about more than feeding your body. It’s about connecting with others. Taking time to savour each mouthful. And tasting the freshness and wildness of this unique place. Enjoy these culinary experiences at our distinctive restaurant. St. Teresa Pastoral Centre was designed to let the magic of nature flood in through all of its doors and windows. Enjoy its warm cosy interior, as you savour memorable meals with loved ones. Please Note: There is restaurant for resident guests of St. Teresa Pastoral Centre, and another to the public.


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